the Perryworks

The Perryworks is the nickname of the former skunkworks that are sited on the plateau west of Danville. The nickname originated with the character “Pierre Le Peww”, the cartoon skunk from the classic cartoons. The name pierre was corrupted to Perry in common usage, and it is this name that remains applied to the area even today.

Skunkworks refers to a covert manufacturing plant, in this case the site manufactured specialist infiltration aircraft for the US Air Force from approx. 1957-1972. The site offically remained open and secured until 1988, but no true covert work was carried out after the earlier date. With the end of the cold war, the Air Force security cordon was withdrawn, leaving the site open to would-be explorers.

The main site consists of four runways, and three manufacturing hangers, plus support buildings, such as control tower, living quarters and engineering bays. All have been stripped bare, and in most cases, the roofs are missing or collapsed, leaving only the walls (which are reinforced to withstand bomb blasts). most of the site is partially overgrown with dry grasses and small shrubs, but the large, deep concreted area, coupled with the cold, dry conditions experienced by the plateau has ensured that revegetation process is slow, resulting in only thin growth.

Also on the site is the entrance to the former Mineworks which includes a large spelting plant, and ore crusher, plus the main mine shaft itself, which is maintained by the council to allow regular inspection in the tunnels, against the danger of subsidence under the city. The shallow nature of the tunnels close to the entrance has led to significant destabilzation, and the area close to the tunnel entrance is heavily fenced, to prevent members of the public walking into these areas. Public rumor is that during the secret phase, the mine tunnels were used by the Inator Corp as hotlabs for high risk experimental work, and the fences are there to prevent discovery, but no reliable evidence of this has ever been found, and the Inator Corporation denies any such facilities existing

the Perryworks

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