Tenth District High School "X"

The Tenth District High School is the tenth of twelve high schools in Danville In is known commonly by its nickname of “X” after the large roman numeral that emblazons the front entrance of the School. It the largest high school in the state, and boasts an excellent academic record, and a number of sports teams that compete on state and even national level.
Below the school is Germanium Man’s secret lair, accessible from a lift disguised as a Janitor’s Closet
Head teacher: Mr (Conrad) Smith

Coach: Coach (Ernest “Ernie”) Pantisso (oversees the Lobsters Football Team)

History: Mr. (Edward “Ted”)Hunteres

Art: Ms. (Leia) Flowers (also oversees the Drama Club)

Janitor: Mr (Timothy) Turner


Attic Dangers Transfer Student
Sander “Sandy” Anderson member of the Lobsters Football Team, Plays Percussion School Orchestra
Catherine Hart Drama Club Stage Manager
Carl Chesnique President of Chess Club
John “Jack” Lincoln Captain of Lobsters Football Team
Alex Russo Head of the Cheerleader Team
Kelly Floyd Editor for X school paper
Kurt Kelly Captain of the Lobsters Basketball Team
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz President of the Safety and Standards Committee
Karen Beecher-Duncan Former Treasurer of Safety and Standards Committee

Tenth District High School "X"

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