Kurt Kelly

Kurt is a Student at X High School and Captain of Lobsters Basketball Team

He is 6’6", African American, of medium build.

He has a short crew cut, and is rarely seen not wearing his team jacket.

He actively pushes the inter-team rivalry with the Lobsters Football Team and the Lobsters Handball Team, and is regularly active in psychological or physical bullying of members of other teams.

On the court, he is considered to be a first rate player, with unusual speed and what many players who face him characterize as deceptive reach. His skills as captain are considered mediocre, due to his tendency to resort to physical intimidation, or verbal abuse when players fail him, and his lack of interest in motivating his players to excel. The sports editor of the School paper characterized this as “He sees the game as a one man show, and as long as the others keep out his way, he is happy. Fortunately, he is good enough to pull it off”.

Kurt Kelly

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