Germanium Man

Germanium Man is the only native Superhero for the City of Danville.

He first came into public knowledge in the late fifties, and continued to defend the city before gradually disappearing by the early eighties.

Details and origin are both sketchy. Historical records indicate he battled “The Red Menace” but rarely elaborate. Even his name was assigned to him.

During a exclusive radio interview he carried out in 1976, he revealed that the “Germanium Man” name had originated with an enterprising salesman at the Inator Corporation who, as advertising for the company’s primary source of revenue at the time (Germanium based semiconductors) co opted the reports of a superhero to imply a connection to the components.

In conversation with the heroes, he indicated that his origin was tied to that of the Inator Corporation but that he was no longer affilated. He also asks that the heroes refer to him as Captain Blitz

He has a secret lair beneath the school, built into an old copper mine tunnel. He indicated that this was originally a secret fallout shelter for company bigwigs and their families, but he had taken it off the grid.

He appears to be a tall, heavily muscled man in his mid to late thirties. Estimates have him at over 2m, with a wide chest over 48". He is clean shaven, has short dark hair, in a crew cut, and dresses in a red jump suit, with a black cloak, boots and gloves. On his chest is a white circle with a black St. Andrews Cross through the middle.

From the records that exist, Germanium Man’s powers involve incredible strength, speed and durability, plus the ability to fly, and to fire lightning from his hands. Details of how these are achieved are sketchy

Germanium Man

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